Instant Vision Board!

Today I saw a post from the wonderful Suzi Dafnis from HerBusiness, suggesting that we consider what our 3 words for 2017 could be. This is an idea she sourced from Chris Brogan, who has written this excellent post on his words for 2017 and the background behind the idea. I am in the middle of firming up goals, and planning the detail of 2017 and this was the perfect prompt.

For some reason I immediately knew what my words would be.


So frequently I think about a project, even plan a time I am going to do it. And then I allow fear and so many types of procrastination to derail me. “What ever you can dream or do, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic.”


The new things that do get started are often left at 90%. That would be the fear again, that what I am producing is not good enough, that no one will like it, all those uncomfortable emotions. 2017 is the year of courage. What’s the worst that could happen anyway?


From the above two points, you might have noticed that I can be quite hard on myself. I look back on all the things that I have failed to do, beat myself up, resolve to do better next time. I know from years of experience that this does not help me do better. So this year I plan on celebrating in style the things I do achieve, and use them as a platform to reach even higher.

In that spirit, I reflected on past achievements both personal and professional. You can read about my health and fitness exploits here. I am super proud of my three unique, wonderful children. They are all growing up to be amazing human beings that I love to spend time with. I am proud of my 21 year marriage to my patient husband who supports all my crazy endeavours. And I am very proud indeed of the achievements in my business, especially when clients achieve outcomes that they had never dreamed were possible.

Bring on 2017, truly this may turn out to be the best year ever!

Next stop, sharing some goals and detailed plans.