We are passionate about helping SMEs grow and prosper by fixing inadequate sales back office systems.

Juggling with lack of information and support, IT problems, administration issues, inefficient reporting or software that doesn’t deliver, causes frustration for your sales team and staff – all of which negatively affects your business.

When set up and working correctly, the sales back office acts as the engine room, enabling your sales people to spend their time more productively – either with potential new customers or servicing your existing customers.

SalesPOD is passionate about helping SMEs grow and prosper by applying our personal experience gained working with big business.

We tailor our advice to your particular situation – whether you have a sales force of twenty or two hundred.


Scan It


The SCAN Report is a short diagnostic performed by SalesPOD founder Frieda Maher – an expert in best practice sales systems across a variety of industries and big business managing large sales teams.

With a pre-agreed fixed cost, Ms Maher will review your sales team and their supporting back office across a range of essential criteria – all the while looking for opportunities for improvement.

You may direct the review be focused on a particular area of importance to your organisation, such as:
– your sales structure
– systems, technology and software
– evaluation of key elements of your sales front office
– back office capability.

The SCAN Report will also include a detailed prioritised action plan for you to follow.

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Fix It


Unfortunately, many SMEs who have already invested in sales tools and technology, have found they are often left with an expensive system that is delivering little or no Return On Investment.

SalesPOD has devised a structured process to turn this very common situation around so that your team get full value from the software you have installed.

We are experts at fixing sales back office problems, in particular CRM systems.

SalesPOD can also help you solve problems across all sales fundamentals including: your company’s sales process; customer targeting and allocation; sales measurement and reporting and team and customer management tools.

If you need assistance in areas where we are not expert, we will link you with our preferred professional partners.

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Run It


Although many SMEs operate with substantial sales teams, they are often reluctant to allocate funds to employ a highly experienced sales back office expert.

However, once they have experienced the valuable contribution that a highly competent expert can deliver in managing sales systems, customer database and reporting on sales performance, they are delighted.

SalesPOD has created the RunIt! program where you can enjoy all the benefits of an expert sales back office team without needing to add staff.

Our RunIt! team of sales leaders, analysts and CRM administrators will expertly run your sales back office for you – giving expert advice, reporting and ongoing support.

You only pay for the slice of services you need.

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Delivering big business sales excellence to SMEs.