Get your technology working for you not against you

Is the technology in your business slowing you down, not helping you grow? Do you spend more time moving things between systems, or checking different systems to chase up customer problems rather than generating new business?

You might already see these problems and be looking to invest in new technology to fix it all, but the size and cost of the solution is off putting, and the choices can be very confusing. Especially when the only people who want to “help” you are the ones trying to sell you software or 6-figure+ implementation services. What if you could get some completely independent help choosing both the software and the service providers? And be confident that you have decided on what is best for you?

“Tame Your Tech” will help you take stock of what you have, and help you understand what you really need, and support you with making the decisions. All in a quick and affordable consulting service that turns the “tech speak” of the sales people into “human speak” and allows you to clearly understand the decisions and investments you want to make. We work with you over 3 sessions to:

Understand what you have

Clarify what you need to fix the problems and unlock growth

Confirm what to do next

These sessions run over a few weeks, and give you independent advice on how to get the technology in your business working for you.

Don’t know if this service is for you? Book a call now and find out more.

LI promo content: It can be a real challenge for growing small and medium businesses when your tech doesn’t keep up with your growth. Have you been putting off a decision for a $20K plus project, or just paralysed by how to fix it all up? When you start looking at the big choices like a new CRM or marketing platform, it gets hard! Would you like to have a plan in place to get it all sorted in 2022? I have 2 openings for my “Tame Your Tech” program before the end of the year. It is a short, sharp process where we come up with a plan for you to technology in a place to fuel your business growth, not hold you back. Message me if you are interested to see if the program is right for you.