We run a fast and effective sales diagnostic service, working with your sales team to identify strengths and opportunities.

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We have devised a structured process to solve problems and frustrations with your sales back office, so your sales team can perform at their best.

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Our sales leaders, analysts and CRM administrators can expertly run your sales back office, so you no longer have to squeeze those jobs into other positions.

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Why Choose Us?

Our team has worked across industries including food and consumer products; healthcare and pharmaceuticals; transport; and education.

The SalesPOD team has decades expertise in sales technology, metrics and reporting and sales leadership, in senior and highly expert roles in large business.

We’ve spent years fine tuning our expertise on large businesses, who continually optimise their sales teams. Now we want to bring this capability to your business. In a large business they invest in a sales back office to make sure they can get the 1% more. In an SME where there hasn’t been years of tweaking already we can make a much bigger difference!

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Founder Frieda Maher:

“By providing the right support for the sales person, we free them to engage with the customer at a higher level, rather than being bogged down in the basics.

It is crucial to get these basics right – whether it is providing background information about customers and industries; providing customised selling tools and messaging; or selling skills development.

When these are seamlessly integrated, the sales person is freed to focus on the customer and make sure that we are providing value, not only in the product but also in the sales experience.”

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