How to choose a CRM

Do you or your team have days like this? Days where you remember at the end of the day that you wanted to contact that customer who hasn’t responded to your email proposal. And you also need to call and recover the relationship with another customer after the service delivery team didn’t quite understand what the customer’s arrangements and expectations were, making a tricky situation even worse. All the while you are wondering [...]

Help! No one is using our CRM

Sadly, this is a common refrain. And it really doesn’t need to be that way. Here are a few tips to help you get your team using your CRM so that you can start getting value out of it. Make sure it works Kind of obvious. So much so that I nearly didn’t include this. But in many cases, some simple hurdles are standing in the way of your CRM being used. [...]

How did our CRM implementation go so wrong? My top 6 reasons

My original title for this article was “Its not you, it’s me”. CRM implementations fail for many reasons. Sometimes it is the purchase of the wrong software, sometimes even really bad software.  Maybe a less than competent implementation partner. I’m going to go out on a limb here and say most problems come from our own organisations. In more cases than not, we must take accountability for the success or failure of the [...]

What is the Sales Back Office? And how do they deliver value to a Sales team?

I often refer to myself as working in the “sales back office”. Many people call it their sales operations team. The back office is often the missing piece for smaller teams, especially ones that aspire to big growth. Many large companies invest in teams for their sales back office, and for good reason. The contribution is growing revenue and significantly improving sales productivity. In the recent Miller Heiman CSO Insights study, they say [...]

What is the best CRM?

Asking this question is like asking “what is the best vehicle to buy?” A small, fuel efficient Toyota hatch might absolutely be the right vehicle for some people, but it is not right if you have a family of seven. Or if you transport heavy equipment! So, what are the right questions to ask when considering the perfect CRM for you? It is very important to be clear on what you want it [...]

Behind the Scenes: How CRM Software Fits into Your Business Puzzle

CRM stands for customer relationship management, so CRM software helps you capture and store information about your customers and keep track of where you are in your relationship with them. It could also help you automate some of the jobs you need to do to improve your customer relationships. Knowing when to invest in a CRM solution is complex for many business owners. Has someone told you that a CRM is what you need? [...]

Small Business, Big Impact: Choosing the Best CRM Solution

So, you have decided that you need a CRM solution – but how do you choose when you know that many business owners have failed in this task before, wasting time and money they couldn’t afford to lose? There are a lot of ways to choose. Many business owners' first stop is to go online and ask their community, “What is the best CRM?”. You will certainly get several recommendations out of this process, [...]

Tech Bro Frustration: The Dark Side of Technology Consultancy

As a technology practitioner with decades of experience, I find myself frustrated by a recurring issue experienced by business owners – the 'tech bro' mentality[1]. In an age where technology should be a tool for empowerment, some individuals revel in the knowledge gap, perpetuating an arrogant approach to client interactions. Let me share a couple of recent encounters that demonstrate this and delve into why it's time for the tech community to shift gears. [...]

Myth Busted: CRM is Not Just for Big Businesses with Big Budgets

When working with small businesses, they often suggest that they are not able to invest in CRM technology. And they might be right if they only look at big software and big projects. However, many of my clients, even some with fewer than 10 people in their business, have made CRM investments that have made a massive difference in a way that continues to give them a great return on investment. What if your [...]

A Guide to Mastering Marketing CRMs

A few weeks ago, I talked about the different types of CRM. Today, I will go into a little more detail about Marketing CRMs. Knowing what type (or even types) of CRM you need can help narrow your search. Knowing what each type of CRM can offer can also open your eyes to things you might need in the future or even make a big difference now, even if you didn’t realise that capability [...]

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